Since our inception in 1980, the A.I.M. Society has continued to evolve and mature. We understand and celebrate the fact that people with developmental disabilities have tremendous capabilities and potential. In each person resides an array of talents and gifts. Our role is to find a suitable environment in which these talents can manifest themselves to benefit all parties involved. Often all that’s required is an opportunity to demonstrate these strengths and abilities.


The A.I.M. Society has forged many long-lasting relationships with businesses in and around the communities of High River, Okotoks and Strathmore. Partnerships have developed with many individuals and companies, all whom we consider ‘Friends of A.I.M.” Opportunities have arisen from these relationships that have added to the lives of many people supported by the A.I.M. Society. Through being part of  the Foothills A.I.M. family we know that you will feel that the relationships forged with the people we support can also add to your life. Welcome and thank you for your support!


We are proud of our amazing staff