As of June 2015, I started my journey with AIM in Okotoks as a job coach and developed a strong passion to see our diverse individuals grow within the community. My experience has been within Child and Family Service through a few organizations over the span of six years, and along the way, I obtained my Bachelor of Arts – Psychology Degree. Within these experiences, I began to understand the depth my heart had for human services and the difference I could make in individuals lives.

Since January 2016, I stepped into the Home Living¬†Manager position in High River and continue to grow in my knowledge and passion within the support of our individuals’ needs and desires.

I love when I get to see our individuals find homes and opportunities to thrive within. It’s an honour to focus on their abilities more than their disabilities, and be a part of their growth personally and within their community. Every person needs at least one person who believes in them and a setting to thrive within. I’m proud to say this is my job.

Outside of my work environment, you can find me spending time with my family, reading a good book, going to the gym, doing yoga, dancing, going for a run, hiking, snowboarding in the winter, swimming and laying on the beach in the summer, having coffee with some friends, and most of all, relaxing as much as I can.