Sherry started working at Foothills A.I.M. Society in September 2001 after moving to Alberta two months earlier. She worked part time until March 2002 when she was hired as a full-time job coach. She then moved into an Outreach position and by 2005 was hired as the Okotoks Home Living Manager.

Sherry’s interests outside of work include movies, reading, music camping and boating. Coming from the East coast she is drawn to spending time near any sort of body of water.

Because she has close family who have disabilities, Sherry felt this field was a comfortable fit for her. It was supposed to be a bit stop before pursuing a different career path, however, becoming part of the Foothills AIM family and learning so much for those she supports daily, this has become her chosen career path so that she can continue to learn and grow from those around her.