Lorie found her place with Foothills A.I.M. in November 2000 and worked for just under a year before she took another opportunity, but was happy to come back in 2003 and has since served in many capacities and fulfilled numerous roles.

When she began, she was absolutely new to the disabilities field, though she always had a passion to serve people and to see everyone be treated with dignity and respect. Lorie started out of the High River office as a Job Coach, working with some incredible people for a number of years before transitioning to the new facility in Okotoks.

From there, she became involved in the Home Living department as an Outreach Worker, which gave her an even greater perspective of the unique challenges our people face, but also the small things that are worth celebrating.

As of November 2014, she became the Team Leader of the Okotoks Day Program.

Outside of work, Lorie likes to spend time being active with friends and family doing recreational activities, hosting dinners, etc.

She is passionate about working with people with disabilities because she likes seeing people gain satisfaction in giving to others or doing their jobs well. She fully believes there is a purpose for each day and everyone has a part to play.