Brad started at Foothills A.I.M. Society in 2002, and worked for three years as the Outreach/Home Living Manager in High River. He left the agency for a couple of years and returned as Day Program Manager in Okotoks in 2007 and has been in that position ever since.

When Brad started in Okotoks, the branch only supported 13 individuals with 11 staff. It has since grown immensely and now supports 43 individuals and 25 staff. The growth has been amazing.

Outside the realm of work, Brad is actively involved with live theatre and has performed in over 14 productions. He is an avid runner and an outdoor enthusiast. He enjoys running in road races as well as cross country or trail runs. He also enjoys touring the world with his wife and kids.

His other interests include any activity that his kids and grandkids end up becoming involved in (dance, gymnastics, BMX, volleyball, basketball, soccer, rugby, hockey, etc.)

Brad has worked with people with diverse abilities most of his life. He’s not sure where his passion comes from, but after all these years, he continues to learn new things about human nature, our society, our culture and the amazing courage and strength the people he works with and their families have – trying to gain the same every day opportunities available to all community members.