Bev has always considered the Foothills A.I.M. Society to be her family. She started with Foothills A.I.M. Society in 2000 and has worked many different positions at the society, starting as a Community Support Worker and Outreach Worker at the High River branch.

Then she moved to management in the Home Living department, followed by Intake Coordinator at the Okotoks branch.

Finally, she is now settled out at the Strathmore branch as the Program Manager.

Her happiest moments have been seeing the smile on many individuals’ faces on a daily basis and seeing how they show unconditional love towards everyone they know.

Bev has met many wonderful families along the way, see great community support workers come and sadly leave, has seen lots of support from businesses in the community – all of which has made her transitions with in Foothills A.I.M. Society amazing.

Her children have also benefited from growing up with the A.I.M. Society, as they are now more aware of the challenges people face on a day-to-day basis whether they have a disability or not.