Employment & Day Services



Employment Support

For those individuals who are interested in working, the AIM Society offers support to find and maintain employment in their chosen community. Many individuals have a desire to work, however have not worked through school or have had part time jobs on evenings or weekends. Our employment support program offers resume writing, job search, job orientations, many varieties of on the job support and employment follow up.

Community Access Support

There are many people who are interested in getting to know their community, building connections in their community and improving their well being. Our community access supports AIM to assist individuals in the area of well being, competence and inclusion. We feel that these are best done through involvement in community settings,


Home Living




This model enables an individual to live outside of their natural family’s home. This model assists individuals to live as independently and respectfully as possible and to have choices when choosing their home settings.This model provides chances for individuals to become exposed to new people, events and activities through the supportive family/roommate and allowing them opportunities for community inclusion.

The goal of this service is to assist individuals to develop life skills (responsibility of paying bills, cooking, cleaning and personal care) whenever possible and promote community inclusion through social activities.


This service is used when it is not possible or reasonable for the individual to leave the home for respite. In this model, the care provider or family members would leave their home for a period of time (hours or days) and a respite provider would stay at the individual’s home for the time requested.

This model enables individuals to meet new people and try new activities within their community.


This type of service provides a break for caregivers (paid or family). The individual typically leaves their home to stay with another family or person for a weekend. This service can also be used to accommodate vacation of care providers as well.

The service provides individuals an opportunity to meet new people and participate in activities with others


The purpose of Outreach is to empower individuals to be competent and knowledgeable in order to live independently. Individual needs and desires determine the type and amount of support provided. Support is provided together with the opportunity to learn through life experience.

Outreach strives to provide quality service in which individuals are included in all decision-making and problem solving processes that are required in order to meet the demands of daily living.

Some examples of support include:

• Advocacy
• Menu planning and grocery shopping
• Budgeting
• Access to community supports such as, food bank, counseling services etc.
• Emotional support, crisis management and mediation in times of need.
• Personal Development Workshops for healthy living choices such as cooking, bike safety, first aid, nutrition etc.
• Support at doctors or other appointments as needed.
• Government contacts such as submitting pay stubs to AISH, income tax
• Access to education needs such as literacy for life, GED
• We assist with parenting skills and facilitate communications between agencies involved.