To promote community inclusion for developmentally disabled persons residing in the Municipal Districts of Foothills and Wheatland County.

Foothills A.I.M. Society understands that every disabled person has basic needs that must be met; the need to live under a decent standard of living; to love and to be loved in return; to be understood and accepted for who they are; to live and work where self esteem can be enhanced; to form friendships and relationships; to gain skills; to be recognized as the unique individual each person is; to demonstrate strengths and abilities and to receive support for their needs.



The vision of the Foothills A.I.M. Society is a community that freely accepts and includes all persons regardless of ability.


Belief Statement 

Foothills A.I.M. Society believes in the declaration that citizenship is the right of persons with disabilities and that every individual has the right to live a life of dignity; to feel accepted by others, to be treated with respect and to have the opportunity to take risks.  Every individual has the right to live in an environment that allows these needs to be met.

 The overall goal and purpose of the Society is to assist in the integration of persons with disabilities into existing social and economic structures.  To guide and enable the recipient to make informed decisions about their needs, goals and objectives; that are directed towards achieving results that are appropriate, safe and cost effective.

 Foothills A.I.M. Society believes that:

  • The client and their family must be involved in the service planning; with particular emphasis being on meaningful participation in community and overall quality of life.

  • The right of choice and dignity shall be respected at all stages of service planning and provision.

  • The client should be encouraged to engage in all aspects of society to fulfill them and to meet their own obligations.

  • All clients shall have the right to services without distinction or discrimination and shall be directed toward existing services wherever possible; including family, personal and community support networks.