There’s nothing more amazing than businesses that give back to the communities in which they work in, so we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to a company that does just that.

The Foothills AIM Society was in need of support to help cover the costs of its fundraising gala, Lafferty’s Wake, and Alberta Interlake Games Inc. stepped up without hesitation to become our GOLD sponsor.

Alberta Interlake Games Inc. is a family run business that’s been around for over 30 years and is successfully thriving in Okotoks, Alberta.

The company provides really great games and entertainment to local bars such as Golden Tee Live, Big Buck Hunter, jukeboxes, pinball machines, etc.

Owner Cherie Fitzgerald says it all started many years ago in Manitoba when her dad founded an arcade business. He eventually got into buying the equipment and renting it out to businesses in the area, and not long after, the family was uprooted to Alberta where the business really took off.

General Manager, Steve Mysek, says they absolutely love having the company located in Okotoks.

“It’s a small-town feel in a bigger community,” he says, adding that their kids have also enjoyed growing up in Okotoks and being involved in many activities and sports.

Because Alberta Interlake Games Inc. is a family run company, Fitzgerald says they love supporting anything their family is into, such as BMX racing, which their kids have done for many years.

They’ve also supported many other organizations throughout the years, including the Foothills Hospice, which Fitzgerald says was close to their hearts because her dad spent a small amount of time there before he passed away.

Their daughter, Jessica, is part of the AIM Society, so Mysek says it was her turn to have Alberta Interlake Games Inc. support what she is passionate about.

“The AIM Society has made a difference in Jessica’s life,” Mysek says. “She talks about AIM all the time and has so many different activities she partakes in throughout the week—it’s a great organization.”

Aside from continuing to support their community, Mysek and Fitzgerald say there are big things in store for Alberta Interlake Games Inc. to watch for.

They’re currently in the process of rebranding and have a great new logo with a more modern edge to it.

As a company that’s run mostly on word-of-mouth and an amazing reputation, Mysek says the ultimate goal is to reach a wider market than the close network they already have.

“We’re trying to keep up with the times and create an image of our company that’s visually different and identifiable,” Mysek says. “We’re also looking at reaching out to different markets, trying new things and getting our name out there more.”

Be sure to follow Alberta Interlake Games Inc. on Facebook or check out their website to keep up to date with all the great things they offer.

And on behalf of everyone at the Foothills AIM Society, we cannot thank this fantastic family enough for their overwhelming support.

If you’ve ever used any of these amazing games/entertainment, there’s a good chance it could have came from Alberta Interlake Games Inc.!