Robyn McCormick unloads the blue bins collected from the morning and gets them ready for the Town’s recycling centre.

I’m sure everyone has been there at some point. The times when life gets in the way and you’re just too busy to run to the Town’s recycling centre. Soon what you thought was a big-blue bin now looks tiny– hidden underneath piles and piles of empty cracker boxes, soup cans and plastic wrappers.

Did you know the Advocacy In Motion (AIM) Society has its own recycling program, open to all residents in High River? For just a small monthly fee, we will prevent your recycling bin from overflowing and will take everything in for you!


Misty Hirst says she really enjoys the days she gets to work for the AIMS recycling program.

How it works:

We’ll provide you with a blue AIMS recycling bin, and the people we support, along with their job coaches will come pick it up from your house either once a week, twice a month, or once a month, depending on your needs.

Price list:

Pickup every week: $12/month + GST

Pickup every second week: $9/month + GST

Pickup every month: $7/month + GST

What can go in the bin:

We’ll take everything that can be recycled, including paper and cardboard, tin cans and plastic containers. Also new this year, we are now accepting Styrofoam. AIMS also accepts and greatly appreciates any bottle donations.


How to sign up:


High River resident, Sandra Wiebe, has been using the AIMS recycling program for over four years.

If you would like to sign up for this excellent program, email Alisa Mattis at or call her at 403-652-4161 ext. 230. We accept cash, cheque or EMT payments.

By signing up for this program, you are helping to employ adults with developmental disabilities and give them a chance to become more involved in the community.

As always, thank you for your support in the AIM Society!