Tim Hortons High River

If there is one thing that the clients of Foothills AIM Society (FAIMs) understand it is the positive impact of having an employer that believes in you and empowers you to perform your job.

This type of employer/employee relationship is demonstrated perfectly by Kevin and Kim Generoux, owners and operators of the Tim Hortons in High River.  The relationship they have had with FAIMs has been an important and strong one that they have shared with FAIMs client, Sheila Rosell, their employee for nearly four years.

Kim shared, “We are so happy to have Sheila Rosell working for us because she brings much to our team and you can tell she feels pride in her work.”

And as people who believe in being authentic Kevin says, “She is a great fit because she knows the job and we can always count on her.” He adds, “There is also a great team connection with the all of the Tim Hortons staff because the rest of the employees know they can depend on her to do her job.”

This is also important to them both and as Kim notes, “Our guests like to see that we have a diverse staff and that this is an inclusive workplace.”

This they feel, as residents of High River themselves, is a reflection of the type of community High River is and the people who live here.

Kevin is a straight shooter who also believes, “The employee has to be able to do the job, as business owners we fully support this because like any other staff member they have to be able to perform the job.”

This relationship is something that FAIMs ensures is successful by providing job coach supports for the individual in the place of business.  Though in a lot of instances this is support is no longer needed when the individual learns confidence in their own abilities. This allows for a natural employee/employer relationship to flourish.  And like any other job after the interview process, a new hire has to be able to do the job, this accountability is of utmost importance to the FAIMs individual because it signifies not only belonging but also capability.

“We only hire people that can do the job and Sheila steps up and gets it done.” Kevin notes.

Kevin feels that for his company, being part of the community is of utmost importance. Kevin says, “Even after the floods happened we still made sure we kept our commitment to open the new store because we understood the need to be part of the rejuvenation of High River.”

He also added, “We believe in the community, we believe in High River, and we are constantly in the community. We do this by supporting and donating to many organizations.  We support almost every event, we even actively hunt down opportunities to participate in events in High River. Kim and I remember how much people depended on us after the flood and we were one of the first businesses to reopen.

Kim adds, “We feel our work aligns with one of the main philosophies of Tim Hortons, which is to be involved in the community.”

There are so many ways that people are not aware of that these owners participate in community life in High River. A few of the ways are through donating products, food and also by having community partnerships, like the one with Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart Program and they in turn have Canadian tire donate to them for the Tim Hortons camp day. Another shining example of the strength of High River.

Because of this and for being a great supporter through employment and donation, FAIMs would like to say thank you to Kim and Kevin for being part of the FAIMs family, for being inclusive employers and for advocating for our clients.


Restaurant Open 24 Hours

Drive-thru Open Until 11:00 PM

1103 18th St SE High River, AB T1V 2A9

(403) 652-3700


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Restaurant Open Until 11:59 PM

Drive-thru Open Until 11:59 PM

100 High Country Dr NW High River, AB T1V 0J4

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