Steps in the Intake process:

To receive support from the Foothills Advocacy in Motion Society, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be 18 years of age or older

  • Reside in the Calgary region of PDD.

  • Meet the eligibility requirements of PDD Calgary

  • Prospective clients must display a need and desire to receive services from the AIM Society

To do list prior to application:

  • Contact Person’s with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) branch of the Community & Social Services Ministry of the Alberta Government. This is to determine if you are eligible for funding for support.

  • PDD Intake number for the Calgary Region is 403-297-5011  or

  • Set appointment and meet with a Service coordinator from PDD

  • Confirm you are eligible for services from a PDD contracted agency in the Calgary Region

Once these steps have been done contact Executive Director and Intake Coordinator, Gerry McCallum at the A.I.M. Society for more information.

Phone – 403-652-4161 ext 223

Email –